3 tips to be a good lay in bed

As a man, sexual performance is of great importance. It would be a shame not to be able to satisfy a woman in bed. A man must be able to assert his manhood in bed. Here are 3 tips to make your lovemaking unforgettable for your partner.


Communicating is very important when you want to satisfy your partner. Whether it's your wife or an occasional partner, communicating with her lets you know what she likes.

The little things that can sharpen her desire and sensations. Not all women are the same in terms of how they feel in bed. While some love it soft, others prefer it rough. So it's up to you to find out by talking to your partner.

Sex by message

It's odd but effective. Indeed, exchanging little hot messages between sexual partners gives quite satisfying results. In fact, it raises the temperature even before the physical act.

Each one on his side is impatient to meet the other. This makes it much easier to achieve strong sensations during the sexual act. But be careful not to turn these message moments into masturbation moments.

The aim is not for you to give yourself pleasure alone. No, it's about getting yourself in the right condition to have a good time. If you are a man, adopting this technique could make you a sure-fire hit in bed.

Keep in mind that in messages you should emphasize compliments to your partner. Women love compliments

Be innovative

Being a good lay in bed is also about the innovations you show. Speaking of innovation, let's focus on the positions adopted during sex. Don't be self-conscious. Change as many positions as possible. Involve your partner, and vary the positions.

But above all, change the place too. The bed is not the only place to have sex. And when you've finished exploring your bedroom, consider going somewhere else. This will change the routine and put your partner in a better mood.

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