Erectile problems in adult men: what can be done about them?

As men age, they begin to have weaknesses in certain areas of their lives. This is particularly true of sexual life, especially with regard to erectile function. Follow us to have the elements of solutions for this problem.

See a doctor

Erectile dysfunction is not necessarily a factor due to age. Certainly from a certain age, the body does not respond as much as it should. Nevertheless, there are men who continue to have a good erection beyond their sixties.

It's all a question of lifestyle. Perhaps you are on medication that is the basis of your erectile failure. By going to see a doctor, you can find out what the problem is and he can help you improve the situation.

Don't be ashamed to talk about it. And if you still find it difficult to talk about it, make an appointment online. That way you can talk freely without shame. But the best solution is still a physical meeting.

Review your lifestyle

Although you are already at a certain age, you have to put a price on your lifestyle. Especially when it comes to your diet. You should give preference to cooking at home. And avoid fatty meals.

Also, avoid sweets and salty meals. Also, learn to do sport if you are not used to it. Sport is a real ally in the fight against erectile dysfunction. But given your advanced age, don't push yourself too hard.

Smoking is a determining factor in erectile dysfunction. If, in addition to your advanced age, you have a habit of smoking, this can be quite complicated to manage. Get help if you need it but you must necessarily stop smoking.

Choose your partners wisely

From a certain age onwards you should no longer be looking for sexual feats. So do not choose sexual partners who are much younger than you. This could affect your erection.