Use of sex toys in a couple: how to do it?

To spice up a couple's sex life, we can often resort to the use of sex toys. Still, we should know how to go about it so as not to go from pleasure to addiction or worse to disgust.

Know how to choose your sex toys

The choice of sex toys must be made in a consensual manner. Since it is about giving each other pleasure as a duo and not solo, it is necessary to agree on the sex toy to choose. In a hetero couple, the tendency could be to choose two types of sex toys.

One to satisfy the man and the other for the woman. For a gay couple, the problem does not arise a priori. Whatever your choice, the important thing is that it is validated by each member of the couple.

Hygiene must be in order when using sex toys, especially in a couple. It is imperative to clean the sex toys before and after use. You should not catch an infection because of a lack of hygiene in the use of sex toys. Provide a suitable place to store your sex toys. A place that is safe from any dirt.

Be patient

When it is your very first time in terms of using sex toys, you need to be patient. Also, since it is a couple of use, either member of the couple may potentially not really enjoy the first sensations.

The other partner must therefore be patient enough to allow his or her partner to be on the same wavelength in terms of sensations. Moreover, it is not said that from the first session everything must be perfect. Give time to time, as we often say.
Another important aspect to take into account is the use of lubricants.

A sector must necessarily be accompanied by a lubricant. Otherwise, you are exposing yourself to intimate injuries. Create the right atmosphere for things to happen in the best possible way. And if despite all the precautions the use of sex toys still does not go well, then do not force it. The next time will certainly be the right time.